Multiple District “A” Web and Electronic Communication Policy

This document is intended to serve as a guideline to the use of the MD”A controlled Worldwide Web (“Web”) sites and electronic communications means such as e-mail, electronic mailing lists, electronic bulletin boards and chat rooms.

The mission of all electronic communication at MD”A” is to help inform the Lions family of MD”A” about Lionism in general and to help in the two-way communication between sub-Districts and Lions and the administration of MD”A”. In addition, it is possible to aid in the dissemination of information among sub-Districts.

General Uses

The following general areas of use are expected of MD”A” web and electronic communication resources:

  1. Promotion of Lions and Lions activities within the boundaries of Multiple District A;
  2. Provision of information about the officers and committees of Multiple District A;
  3. Access to administrative forms and information for sub-Districts and Lions officers;
  4. Electronic mail facilities for use by the Council and Administration of MD”A”;

Acceptable Uses of The MD”A” Web Site

Above all, acceptable use requires users to be ethical and respectful of the rights of others and of the diversity of the Lions community. The following general principals should be kept in mind by all users:

  1. Authorization
    Acceptable use standards require everyone to take prudent and reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized access. Where access authorization is implemented, it relies on user identification and password for users. The user ID forms the basis for mechanisms that are designed to establish ownership and responsibility for responsible use of some MD”A” Web resources. Acceptable use respects these identification and security mechanisms.
  2. Content of the Web Site
    Materials on this Web site were produced and/or compiled by MD”A” for the purpose of providing Lions and visitors with direct access to information about the Council, Committees and programs of Multiple District A.
    Although care has been taken in preparing the information contained in this Web site, mistakes do happen and MD”A” does not and cannot guarantee its accuracy
  3. Privacy and Respect
    Acceptable use requires that all users refrain from any illegal and improper intrusions into the accounts of others and/or into any private areas of the web site
    Acceptable use of web resources requires that all users refrain from acts that waste resources and prevent others from having broad access to MD”A” resources
  4. Intellectual Property
    Acceptable use requires that all users recognize and honor the intellectual property rights of others. Ask for permission before copying something created or produced by someone else;
  5. Mailing list facilities
    For use in maintaining e-mail communication with Council,committees, sub-Districts and Lions in general;
  6. Electronic "Bulletin Board" facilities
    For both private use by committees and officers of MD"A", as well as for public use in information dissemination and discussion;
  7. Real time "Chat Room" facilities
    Available upon demand, for private and public use;
  8. Expansion in future
    Possibly may include the real-time collection of data on-line, such as year-end sub-District Club reports and collection of statistics.

Non-Acceptable Uses of The MD”A” Web Site

All MD”A” web resources and facilities shall be used solely for Lions membership, promotion, communication or administrative purposes. Any unauthorized, illegitimate or illegal use of MD”A” web resources is a violation this policy. Uses of MD”A” web facilities for purposes other than those specified above are not legitimate. In addition, illegitimate use includes:

  • Use for any illegal or immoral purpose;
  • Any use that creates a hazardous or dangerous condition posing a threat to persons or property;
  • Use that infringes on the rights or freedoms of members of the Lions community or which disrupts or obstructs the goals of Lions International Multiple District A;
  • Any unauthorized donation of web space;
  • Publishing without permission copyrighted text, photos, graphic images, or sound recordings;
  • Violation of existing laws regarding copyright, trademarks and intellectual property.

The term “Users” may refer to both those creating content for the web site or electronic mail, and those accessing services provided by the web site.

Privacy Statement

Multiple District A is committed to respecting the privacy of visitors to its web site. This section summarizes the privacy policy and practices.

MD”A” does not automatically gather any personal information, such as name, phone number or e-mail address unless it is provided voluntarily, through contacting MD”A” via e-mail, or through an online form used to gain access to Bulletin Boards or Chat facilities.

Any personal information provided is used strictly for responding to questions or for managing the Bulletin Board or Chat facility. Any collected information can be edited or deleted by the user entering it. E-mail addresses and other information collected in the operation of Bulletin Boards and Chat facilities are never shared with any one else. If e-mail addresses or other information are collected for MD”A” administrative use, that will be so specified.

Information collected automatically via the Internet

The service provider for MD”A” logs http requests to the server on behalf of MD”A” only, and not for any other purpose. These logs capture computer information and navigation data, and are used to generate statistical reports.

Information, such as domain name or IP address, may identify a user browsing the MD”A” site, depending on the naming standards followed by Internet service provider. If this is of concern, the provider may be questioned about their policies and practices in disclosing personal information.

While MD”A” will make no attempt to link information captured to the identity of individuals, logs do identify the following:

  1. The Internet domain and IP address from which the web site is accessed;
  2. The type of browser and operating system used to access the MD”A” site;
  3. The date and time of access;
  4. The pages visited; and
  5. If you linked to the MD”A” web site from another site, the address of that web site.

This information is used to generate statistics about the number of visitors to the MD”A” site, the traffic patterns and the types of technology visitors use. Information about specific individuals and their visits is not tracked.

Notes About Web Usage In General

Use of E-Mail and Other Electronic Communication Facilities

E-mail systems are a non-confidential medium, and as such, the MD”A” web e-mail and other electronic communication systems should not be used to convey confidential or sensitive information, unless encryption is used. Accordingly, when making the decision to send or store electronic messages, you should consider the impact on yourself and Lions if the message is ultimately disclosed or released to others.

Web Publishing and Web Site Pages

MDA Council recognizes the value and potential of publishing on the Internet (usually Web pages) and encourages Lions to publish electronic information. Any Committee or Activity of MD”A” may publish web pages in support of their mission. MD”A” has established policy guidelines regarding the use of the MD”A” web facilities. The objectives of this Policy are to:

  • encourage the full and free exchange and expression of ideas and ways to make Lions successful;
  • maintain and enhance the reputation of Lions;
  • promote the ideals and goals of Lions to the public at large;
  • promote the public good;
  • enhance opportunities for cooperation and productive interaction with Lions Districts and Lions Clubs elsewhere in Canada and the World;
  • ensure that the web site and resources of MD”A” are protected;
The following are recommended web site design guidelines:
  • Include a link at a standard location on all pages to allow the viewer to return to the web site master page;
  • Consult html style guides that are readily available throughout the web;
  • Maintain a coherent look throughout all pages of the site.

Copyright Law and WWW Materials

Copyright laws apply to electronic publishing as well as print publishing. Users of MD”A” web facilities may not place any materials owned by others (i.e. copyrighted works) on Web pages or in any form of electronic communication without the express permission of the copyright owner. All published material should include the name of the user, the date, the word "copyright" and the copyright symbol (c) on the material.

The following items are required on the Web site:

  • The name and e-mail address of the page maintainer must appear on the master, or initial, page;
  • Page creators and maintainers should assume that materials (including pictures) found on the Worldwide Web are copyrighted unless a disclaimer or waiver is expressly stated. If a page creator wishes to display a copyrighted picture that is already on the Web, the page creator may create a remote link to the material;
  • Special care should be taken in the use of Lions copyrighted logos. Unless otherwise stated, these are restricted to use within official Lions web sites. Under no circumstances should such materials be redistributed;
  • Do not place any pictures or videos of people on Web pages without the permission of the subjects in the picture or video. Use without permission may be a violation of or invasion of a right to privacy;
  • Under no circumstances should MD”A” web facilities be used to communicate information that is of an abusive, obscene, hostile, harassing, or discriminatory nature.